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How to make the text on a plaque glow.

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Hi. I wanted to know how I can make the following image's (spanish) text glow, emiting rays of light. I can't remember of one exact example now, but I think I have seen this effect on some Harry Potter movies, or in the main title introduction of some others. It's like when you open a treasure chest and rays of golden or white light start coming out from its interior, or when sun rays are cut by clouds, so they become seen easier. As you can see, the text on the plaque is a little difficult to read, and I wanted to give that effect to it. Is there a plugin, or can someone use my image (I can send it to you) to illustrate me how I could achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

Click here for the photo...

P.S. I'm from the Dominican Republic, and this photo was taken right in the summit of Pico Duarte, our nation's and the Caribbean's highest elevation! The phrase means "What matters in life, when the time comes, is to blossom, regardless of the place."

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I'm trying to make out the letters...correct me if I'm wrong:




Los Digitales 2009

In order for you to make the letters glow, you must first be able to select them or make them stand out. Seeing as how long it took me to figure out the letters (I even had to use google translate to check), I don't think either is possible, so you have to find some font exactly like the one used or manually select the text.

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you could try- duplicating the picture layer then filling each letter on the duplicate with colour and working from there-- but pdnnoob is right- some of the letters are very hard to read as tthey blend well with the rest of the stone-- of course you could always fill them pixel by pixel


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