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polygonal selection tool...?

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would it be possible to have a polygonal lasso tool (like in Photoshop)..?

instead of the Paint.NET lasso tool where we draw the selection line by permanently pressing the mouse button and moving the mouse, the polygonal lasso tool add a new segment to the selection line each time we click on the mouse button.. so we can do real straight lines and that's really more efficient to select geometrical objects on a photo.

I don't think this function will be really difficult to add (as a new selection tool, or just an option to the lasso tool, for example by pressing a key to activate the polygonal mode..) and I can't imagine that there's just me who is lacking this function..



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Same thing is being posted in the general section of the forum. Search before you create a new topic ( as i found out! :lol: )

This is also in the wrong catagory:

* Do NOT post feature requests here. Please put those in the regular General Discussion

good idea though!


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