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Offline Help File

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It used to be included in the official download. Rick changed it to be online to reduce download size.

When you include all of the languages, the help file was getting too large.

There are no current plans to make it available for download. However, there are several tools you can use to grab the web pages and save them local.

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Hello - am nuby - dwnlded http://www.httrack.com; thought I followed THEIR 'HELP'

discourse on 'how to download' YOUR website "help-documentation", hopefully, w/all the

hyperlinks thruout, such that I can use/run YOUR 'help' on my machine when in the Adirondacks

trout fishing 20 miles from anything resembling internet logon !! Worked only partly. Some 1st

level stuff was accessible; most was NOT (although many of the individual files WERE downloaded).

I don't believe the proper links were/are established on my download. (maybe .dll's ?? don't know; I am idiot; 2 much agent orange/blue many yrs ago) Is there someway to get the <http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/index.html> complete file folder? To whoever wrote this program: mucho kudos !!!! have used Photoshop, Corel, and this is very nice, esp. w/all the plugins available !!!  Thx, also, for listing/describing the plethora available  !!!  Thx for help [Ha Ha] in advance.

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Hello H123ghayet - welcome to the forum.


This is a very old topic, so I'll be closing it after this answer.  In future, please just start a new topic if you wish to initiate discussion on an old topic.


The Paint.NET documentation is made available for free and you are welcome to use it online.  Downloading for offline storage was never the intent of the developer - so you're pretty much on your own trying to achieve this.  There are a number of other products which might help you (WebZip).  I'd recommend you try one of those.


I am the author of the ebook "Mastering Paint.NET 3.5.10" which you might find interesting if you are unable to create a working copy of the online documentation.  There is a link in my signature below.



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