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Channels and Decomposing/Recomposing

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Greetings all -

This is my first post to this forum.

I've been watching and learning - and been using Paint.NET for a bit [still very much a beginner]

I found a tutorial that I had wanted to use


but it is for Photoshop

and much to my dismay we don't have anything like this [or do we?] when using Paint.NET

I was wondering if this was an oversight on my part - or - if there was a plugin that does this - and I'm looking under the wrong topic?

could one of you experts point me in the right direction - or perhaps provide me with some insight for an alternative...

I love Paint.NET and haven't found another program that I enjoy using more...

I really appreciate any help you can provide me...

Thank you

-- Jae

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The Extract Channel and Alpha Mask Import plugins will be useful for this.


Progression -



Original duplicated, top layer set to Color Burn, merged.


Extract Channel set to CMYK - Cyan, duplicated, top layer set to Overlay, merged.


Cleaned up with black Paintbrush and white Paintbrush, duplicated, top layer set to Overlay, merged.


Black-and-white Mask copied to clipboard, Alpha Mask Import plugin effect

applied to original image.( With bottom two boxes checked )


Different background added.


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Hi Jae/ JP2R,

Welcome to the forum!

I've edited your post above to remove the superfluous quote (the entire previous post).

If you wish to reply to a post, including the original text, then use the REPLY button immediately under the original post. You can edit the quoted text (including removing parts or all of it) by deleting the bits between the QUOTE tags. Images in particular shouldn't be reproduced in a quoted section unless absolutely necessary.

If you wish to add to the thread without quoting anything previously written, use the ADD REPLY button at the foot of the thread.

Happy foruming boltbait.smile.png

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