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Synaptics Touchpad Gestures

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I created a .reg file to add Synaptics Touchpad Gestures for Paint.NET. In the moment just the two fingers rotate gesture.

If the community is interested I may upload the file. What would be the best place? In the plugins forum?

I may add three finger gestures (left, right, up, and down).

Just to say this is just a hack by looking to existing keys in the registry. Synaptics does not answer to email and there is no documentation available or a tool which allows to add gestures for an application (as far as I know). But the reg file just adds aditional keys and does not overwrite others, so the risk of usage is limited.

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In the first instance you're probably best posting it in the http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/forum/17-plugin-developers-central/, so the cognoscenti can have a look before you release it publically.

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