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converting extended bitmaps

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i am becoming a painter for the flight sim series. I think that paint.net fits that quite good...however when it comes to saving a "peice of work" i have to convert it twice, once when i go to open paint.net to convert it for editing and then again to "export" it technially and im getting tired of having to convert it twice so i was wondering if paint.net will ever have the option to save as extended bitmap like the type i have to save it as...32 bit 888-8.

It would save me the hastle of having to save and convert with two different porgrams and as i see i cant save it as an extended bitmap its only a regualr *.bmp can be saved...


Darren Elliott

Image Maximizing Genius




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Not sure if this is right, but i read somewhere that saving 32bit BMP is as simple as creating a Bitmap with 32BPP and save it like this

bitmap.Save(OutputStream, ImageFormat.Bmp)

Made a test, it saves fine and opens the output bmp with transparency, although im not sure if it's correct

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