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Newb needs help with layers

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this is the first time i have used paint.net and considering it's free i think its really good.

My first project is to create a 192x192 square containing 5 buttons. These buttons will be turned into links as part of a .pdf document i am creating.

So i thought i would place each button pic (64x64) onto a layer so that i could position each button separately and then merge them into one image when i have them all in the correct position.

The problem i'm having is that when i import a button pic into it's layer and position it, and then go on to the next button pic and place that in it's layer , i sometimes want to go back to the previous layer to adjust the position of the button pic it contains but find that i cannot move it. It seems to move the background underneath it i think.

So basically what i want to learn is how to move the images on each layer i have previously created without it affecting anything else.

I have used layers in image editing software before but paint.net seems to work slightly differently, but i want to stick with it as i like it and it suits my netbook well.


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Are you bringing each button picture in this way?

Layers > Import from File


Or are you using copy/paste?

Some other way?


What are your steps when doing this?

At first i found the 'import from file' method and i tried that, then i tried the magic wand cut and paste (from the imported file onto a new layer) method but i end up with the same problem.

I can't select the image of the button on each layer so that i can adjust it's position by a couple of pixels.

his buttons probably aren't .png files...

when you open up your button pictures, do they have a checkered background or a white background?

They are all .png files

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I have managed to get round this problem by selecting the 'Rotate/Zoom' option in the 'Layer' menu.

Once i select this i can use the pan function to move the whole layer and adjust it's position. This will work as the button is the only image on the layer but it means that i still don't know how to select something on a layer and be able to move and reposition that selection.

If you can help me on this or give me the link then plz do.


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If each button has its own layer, press Ctrl + A.

Use the Move Selected Pixels tool. :MoveTool:

The keyboard arrow keys can be used with the Move tools for minute adjustments.



I've just tried what you suggested and it's exactly what i was looking for.

I can't believe it was as simple as that.

Thanks very much for replying

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