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How to Sharpen Focus on Fuzzy Pictures?

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Hi NotEinstein, welcome to the forum. In the first instance, try Effects > Photo > Sharpen and see how you like the results.

Then there is the Sharpen+ plugin. It has a load more options, and also needs to be downloaded and installed first. Here's how: Plugin Installation & Troubleshooting

If neither of these does the job, I suggest you post a sample image here and let us see what you're working with.

Edit: also worthy of consideration is the Unsharp Mask plugin.

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Thank you very much. I haven't downloaded your program yet; wanted to find out first if it could address my most acute need. I've got Windows 7 but haven't been entirely satisfied with the results. But it sounds as if this will at least make a noticeable difference. I'm trying to create a family history with pictures where people can actually be distinguished one from another!

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