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couple of questions on cutting out images and selecting colors

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hi all, i have a couple of questions.

On a vehicle drawing, if i would like to cut out the bumper say, how or what tool would i use to be able to go round the entire bumper and then be able to cut it out/copy it?

Whats the best way about mixing colours, getting shades right etc?? Best to use those already on the drawing but how?

Last of all is there a tool in which would help connect 2 different lines together, such as it would simply lock on each line.. then change the line as needed. I guess something like this is needed so that when filling each piece of the drawing with paint, if there are any gaps, problems would occur.

Many thanks all



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1. Search for "cutting out images the easy way" here: http://searchpaint.net/

2. To select an existing color use the Color Picker tool pdn35icons.ColorPickerToolIcon.png Click on the image and the color is copied to the Primary Color.

3. No. Best you can do is manually draw a line between the two existing lines. It may help to zoom in to make sure that the ends overlap.

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This one Cutting out images links to this offsite tutorial: http://www.isimonbro...ing-out-images/

Edit: I've modified you thread title to make it more descriptive as per Rule #6

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