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Yep, the topic about the rectangle! :roll:

I found the Paint.NET program as really useful tool, but I started with that just a couple of days ago, so please excuse, that I'm gonna have some newbie questions..

When I use the Rectangle Select tool, I can place the rectangle selection very roughly, because then I can switch to the Move Selection tool and repair the created selection to the desired position and size, in the pixel level = very precisely.

But what if I want to draw a simple rectangle? When I use the Rectangle tool, I can't see any chance of further editing of my created object similar to the options described above, can't find something like "Rectangle properties" to set the size or position in pixels..

It may seem as a small problem, but how many of you were in the situation "Oh gosh, I made it two pixels bigger!" :)

Thanks for any advice.

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Here are some suggestions:

Put your rectangles etc. on their own new layers to make it easier to edit them later if you need to.


Make a Rectangle Selection adjusted to the exact size that you want.

Turn it into a rectangle object by filling it or using the Selection Outline plugin.


If you use the Rectangle tool and the size is wrong, Magic Wand outside the rectangle,

invert the selection, and adjust the size with the Move Selected Pixels tool set to Pixelated in the toolbar.

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Use the "move selected pixel tool" it's the one above.

Huh, maybe I do something wrong, but it seems that I can't work with the actual rectangle - the Move Selected Pixels tool works always with the whole

workspace.. :(

Here are my screens of my (800:600) workplace:

(I wrote the text and then too small rectangle and I would like to repair that)



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you could also fill a larger than you want area with colour, use the rectangle select tool to get the demisions you want , hit control-I to invert selection and press delete-- does the same as thier sujestions, just another way of doing it,-theres more than one way to skin a cat :D

also- use layers-- if the rectangle is on a seperate layer than the text then it is easy to fix- if its on the same layer- then you would have to go to history and select the last action before you put the rectangle in, or use the undo feature


SARCASM- Just one of the many services I offer free to the public.

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