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Copy and Paste - Positioning Bug

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Just updated to v3.5.6 (Final Release build 3.56.3972.42619) and have noticed a bug when copying and pasting within an image.

Usually copying and pasting a selection within the same image results in the pasted image being located at the same position as the selection.

However if the selection goes off screen (ie part of the selection is not visible on the screen), when it is copied and pasted, the position of the pasted image is now shifted. Does not happen if the selection is completely within the screen.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Select a rectangular region of an image

2. Zoom in so that some of the selection is not visible, ie goes off-screen

3. Copy then paste - the pasted image is shifted to be located at the upper left of the viewport

Expected Behaviour:

Pasted image should remain at the original position at which it was copied.

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It will be positioned to fit within the viewport. This is by design. It's not a bug, but it is different from v3.5.5 and earlier. If you always want the pixels to paste into the same spot, you can zoom out (Edit -> Fit to Window, Ctrl+Shift+B ).

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