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Space - Lightning Sig Tutorial (Very Easy)


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OK, I'm going to try a simple Sig tutorial. It's really easy, and all you need, as far as plugins are: Lightning ( by Cookies), and Color Zoom Blur,

What you should end up with is this (or something like it) :


I know, it's nothing impressive, but I figured it out on my own, and it's a lot of fun


1. Open a new file and make it the size that you want for a proper sig. I used 450x150.

2. Fill your background with black, and run Effects>Render>Lightning. Set the Roughness to: 0, the Scale to around 90, and the Gradient Width to about 300.


3. Go to Adjustments>Curves, and play with the RGB until you get something you like.

4. Make a new layer, and add text. Set the size to what ever looks good with the size sig you've got. I used 36.

(I also used the

Good Times font from www.1001fonts.com)

5. Center the text, and make the color one that looks good with your background.


6. Now duplicate the text layer, and on the bottom text layer run Effects: Blurs: Color Zoom Blur

7. Play with the color amounts, but be sure to make the spread pretty big. Set the Row Quality to 7.

(Optional: Change the blend mode of the top layer to:Additive)


That's it! Your're all done. Now, this is a pretty flexible tutorial, so feel free to make plenty of changes in your version.

Hope it works for you! Enjoy, and thanks for reading!

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A well written and presented tutorial. For your first effort it's rather nice. diagona.032.png

Here on the forum we try to host tutorials that present users with new techniques, or new applications of known techniques. In fact we have a rule against posting tutorials that are just a few effects strung together (see Tutorial Posting Guidelines, 5a). Your tutorial is really close to the line in that respect. While you're reading the tutorial guidelines, you might want to check out items 6 and 8.

We also like tutorial writers to link to any plugins used. The easiest way of doing this is enclosing the name of the plugin in topic tags, like this:


The text between the tags becomes the link text, and the number is the destination thread.

Don't worry, I'm not going to lock your tutorial. I'm just pointing out what is required for your future efforts. Due to the relative simplicity of your tutorial, I feel that it would be better suited to the Newbie Playground area.


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