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Leaving the forum.


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Hello all.

I have become less active on this forums for each week and now I have decided to "leave", but I will continue on deviantART where i post both my work in PDN and Photoshop, the link to my dA is in my signature. Maybe I wont "leave" for good, I might check in now and then ;)but i wont be updating my gallery here no more.

Good Bye (cya on dA ;) )

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I've always found it more convenient to just fade away for a while. It's less obtrusive.

Yeah, making a post about it.. is definitely the wrong tactic. You'll get replies (which was the original intention of this thread, I suppose) and then stay to read them, reply to them and BAM - you're in again.

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... or maybe he/she genuinely wants to say goodbye to people here and to let anyone interested in their work know about their dA account ? I don't think everything has to have an ulterior motive ...

I think everyone has to be honest and say this forum doesn't have a good feedback to art posted ratio.

But then again it's all about Paint.NET development therefore rightly so.


... Blue 'Til I Die ...

My Gallery

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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