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Is a "cutout" possible?

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Firstly... This image "app" (if that is the right term) is the least confusing of many I have tried to understand. Huge thanks for it being freely available.

What I need to do is overlay an emblem over a background, but the tricky bit is I need to cut around the emblem so it follows it's outline not just a box shape. Maybe there is a transparency tool or method that would achieve the same effect as a cutout?

Thanks, Ross

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it is not easy to do in pdn. the other programs (well, photoshop atleast) use something called a pen tool which is a really thin bendable line and it's probably like 1px wide and you need to rap it around what you want to cut out.

what you're trying to cut out (say you see a picture of a football player that you like and you want to cut him out of the football game) is called your render.

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