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How Does The Clone Stamp Tool Work

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Here's how it works:

1) Click clone stamp tool :CloneStampTool:

2) Change the size of your brush (look in the tool bar at the top.) Try size 9 at least until you get the hang of it.

You should now see a circle around your mouse.

3) Move your mouse to your drawing where you wish to copy FROM.

4) Press the CTRL key on your keyboard. No, don't let it go, hold it down. Yes, that's right!

You should now see a little picture of a boat anchor. That's a good thing.

5) With CTRL held down, click the mouse button--just once!

OK, you're half way there. You can let go of the CTRL key now.

6) Move your mouse to where you wish to copy TO.

You should notice that the original circle stayed where you anchored it.

7) Press and hold the mouse button and move your mouse around. That's it! You've got it!

You should now be "drawing" with pixels from the anchored area. As you draw, you'll notice that the anchor spot matches your movements.

When you want to re-anchor, just go back to step 3.

That's about it!

Note: If you find that the cloned pixels are too "harsh", you can soften how much is being copied by adjusting the alpha value of the primary color in the color docker window.

Another note: You can copy pixels from one layer to another just by selecting the "from" layer before step 3 and selecting the "to" layer before step 7.

There! Now, you know more about the clone tool than 50% of the people around this board. ;)

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