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How to Save & Preserve PNG Transparency on IE6 w/PDN?

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It's been a long time since I worked with PNG files online, and I'm currently tryig to save a file but I can't remember how to display PNG properly on older browsers, like IE6. In other words, transparent areas don't turn gray if you save the file so the pixels are opaque without varying levels of transparency. I've done it in the past with Photoshop so I know it's possible to save the file for ie6. There is *slight* degradation in the image. It's also still 100% better than gif transparency and you don't have to worry about any fixes when an ie6 user views the images.

I guess I'm hoping someone can explain the proper settings. I don't quite understand PDN's Alpha settings for PNG. If I set the alpha to 255, should that eliminate semi-transparent pixels? I did try the setting but it did not work. However, I might be doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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6 Reasons why IE6 must die Top of the list?

Lack of PNG Transparency Support

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