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Offset Selection

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Take any complicated shape and select it. Is it possible to offset the selection so that the resultant offset is consistent?

I duplicated the layer and altered the zoom, however the resultant offset is not consistent - which stands to reason as the zoom is measured from one common point.

There is a plugin (Stewien Filters - dilate) which almost gets you there, but alas the end result is a poor offset 'fill'.




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I'm not sure I completely understand your question.

Do you want to move (offset) the pixels that lie within the current selection boundary (use pdn35icons.MoveToolIcon.png), or do you want to alter the selection to encompass a different set of pixels? (use pdn35icons.MoveSelectionToolIcon.png)

Both tools can be used in conjunction with the arrow keys for pixel-by-pixel control of the selection/selected pixels.

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Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words!


star01.jpg - a basic star

star04.jpg - a basic star with an offset created by duplicating and then zooming the new layer.

star03.jpg - a basic star with an offset created by using the 'move selection' tool.

star02.jpg - a basic star with an offset created by using 'Stewien Filters' dilate plugin.

In these 4 examples only the Stewien Filters dilate plugin gives a true and controlled offset of 'X' amount of pixels around the entire star. But rather than offsetting the selection, it creates a fill of 'X' amount of pixels around the star.

So back to my original question, if I have a complicated profile/shape selected, is there any way to offset that selection by 'X' amount of pixels/mm/etc.?

**I hope I have done a thorough enough job in explaining myself. In my mind it is clear, but then again I know exactly what it is that I want**

Cheers guys & thanks for your help!


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Plugins can't change selections.

To get the offset selection in this example, Magic Wand

the black background of the Dilate sample and invert selection.

I get that part and therein is where the problem lies.

The star has a simple profile so the Dilate plugin works very well for offsetting, however on very complicated profiles the results are not always adequate enough for the magic wand to do its thing. Instead of a solidly filled offset you end up with an offset that is very pixelated (if there is such a word) in certain areas.

And so I am not in search of a plugin, but rather a simple 'Yes' or 'no' as to whether or not there is a way of offsetting a selection uni-formally.


Have you tried the Object > Outline plugin?

There are two. One in pyrochild's plugin pack and one in BoltBait's plugin pack.

I'll give that one a go tonite!

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Depending on your end-use/end-result, there may be better ways

of doing this that don't involve selections.

Can you explain the specifics of what you are working on?

Without getting into specifics, 18 various people in 18 various poses removed from hi-res photos. The task at hand is to run an extremely consistent pink offset around their entire bodies with an offset thickness of 12 pixels. And no, not by choice but rather as a favor for a friend! The individual bodies are on one layer with a pink background on the other.

After a simple magic wand click, you can hopefully understand why the ability to offset a selection would come out very handy?


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Duplicate the layer.

Turn the bottom layer pink, using Mike Ryan's Silhouette Plus plugin.

Gaussian blur at radius of 12.

BoltBait's Transparency plugin at maximum Opaque.




Cheers Sarkut...

For you: :beer:

I do not have Mike Ryan's Silhouette plugin!

The rest speaks for itself...


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