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Changing the point of Origin

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... Why?

Because some other bits of software operate only in the positive realm of the Cartesian coordinate system, and I like to use paint.net to plot this information.

1. The point of origin should always be 0, 0.

2. BottomLeft is only valid for bmp files and they are very seldom used.

I'd use a bmp if that's what is required. How do I go about setting it up to use Bottom Left?

You can't.

Why not? How about if I was only looking to change the output displayed text string as it makes it's way to the interface inside the program, and not saving any special flag to the file itself once it is saved, does that change the potential of what I am trying to accomplish?

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Cursor X,Y coordinates are shown in the status bar; add one to x to get your newX. NewY = image height - shown y.

How many coordinates are you dealing with?

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