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I need to create a (white) text on glass effect.

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I am creating a game in Alice and need to use a jpg or gif as a billboard (imported picture) which will display text on a moving background but otherwise not interfere with the visible area of the game. Unfortunately, when it comes to graphics, I find microsoft paint a bit daunting to use and paint.net is way beyond my understanding. I have tried reading the questions in this forum, but so far they have not been helpful.

PS: there was a tutorial on how to remove a white background but I don't know how to change my white text on a black background to white text on a white background and I don't know if that would help me at all (I need white text because my game's background is dark).

If there is an answer to my dilema, please describe the steps I need to take as fully as possible because I really do not know what I am doing.

Thank you,


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From what I've read in the Alice forums, .png can be used and is preferable.

Open Paint.NET, press Ctrl+A .

Press Delete.

In the Colors window, click on the white square in the palette.

Add the text.

Save as PNG.

Thanks, that almost worked. Unfortunately it was difficult to see my white text on that checkered background (in order to keep it aligned) and when I put it in Alice there was no text

(just a faint white outline of where the png was).

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