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can somebody please help with my setting for saving

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OK. Start over.

With your image project open in Paint.NET, press PrintScrn.

In Paint.NET, hold down Ctrl and Alt keys, and press V.

This will copy the screenshot into a new file in Paint.NET.

Save the file as PNG (the default), then upload it to ImageShack.

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OK. The two are in separate files.


The two pictures at the top-right are thumbnailed tabs.

Click on the flag tab to switch to that file.

(If that file has more than one layer: Image > Flatten )


Ctrl + A

Ctrl + C

Copies the flag into the clipboard.


Click on the tab for the girl.

Ctrl + Shift + V

Pastes into a new layer.


You should be able to move the flag with the mouse now.

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fantastic !!!!!!! done in 10 seconds !! you really are a star sarkut, i really can't thank you enough for standing by me and helping me out!!

outstanding my friend!!

if ever i can help you with anything please feel free to contact me at stephen@stephenjamieson.com

just a quick one !! is that the way i should do further images or is that the wrong way?

thanks again sarkut

kind regards

stephen :)

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