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Can I get help using layers?

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I have some pictures I've taken using two differing exposure settings because they were taken on a sunny day. Two diff. exposures are used so that in one pic, the interior room is normal in appearance however the windows are washed out (overexposed) due to bright daylight. I've also taken the same pic (though probably not the identical position due to human error) in an exposure to show the outside scenery in proper exposure but the interior room is of course super underexposed.

I also took several pics of a view outside with no obstructions that could be used fully as a layer if I erased the window openings (more later)

Ex 2: Similar situation but an exterior picture of my condo building. One exposure to show the building well but the sky id overexposed. Took a second pic w reduced exposure to show a sunny blue sky but the building is underexposed.

What steps can be used to "paste" the normal exposure scenery (ex 1) into the windows of the interior pic or (Ex 2) the normal blue sky onto the pic with the overexposed sky?

I was told the simplest way might be to use the magic wand to select the over exposed area(s) in Ex 1, erase the "windows" and bring in either the same pic taken with normally exposed exterior scenery and adjust/alter the layer in order for the outdoor view to fit in the same windows. This prolly not an option since I didnt use a tripod and the 2nd pic is not identical. So another technique I was given was if I had 'outdoor scenery' that was similar enough that was taken outside with no obstructions and it could be used as an unaltered layer behind (under) the interior pic and the scenery would be viewable 'through' the (erased) window panes.

Sounds good but idk how to do that as well as adjusting opacity to make the outdoor view natural but perhaps not quite as crisp/clear as the interior.

I know this is lengthy but wanted to be clear to get the best help steps!!!




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Some suggestions.

If you want to use bracketed exposures, having the pictures be otherwise identical is important.

This means no hand-held shots, use a tripod so that the camera angle and position don't change.


Also, in editing, it is better to work with high resolution images and resize down as a last step if needed.

The images that you have posted are relatively tiny.

If images are sent as attachments by email, they may be resized down to preserve bandwidth.

It is better to place a folder of full-resolution images in a zipfile and upload it to a file hosting site.

The download URL provided by the file host can then be emailed.


Here is a software targeted at this type of thing:


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Peter, thats precisely what i had in mind, once i imported the outside pic as a layer I didn't know what to do next! What are the general steps?

Sarkut, thanks I'll ck that link - I know all about hi res pics, these were just very low res representations to illustrate the issue - note that the total file upload max per post is a mere 256K so I had to resize them way down :)

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Basically you need three layers like this:


Use the top layer, the "red cut out lines" layer to outline the windows with the "line" tool. I used red so you can see it easier.

Use the magic wand to select inside the window lines.

Click to the "interior" layer and press the delete key on the keyboard.

After the windows are deleted the image from the "exterior" layer will show through from below.

Here's a good tutorial on how to cut out an image using the "line" tool.

This is how I did this sample. Hope this helps.

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- note that the total file upload max per post is a mere 256K so I had to resize them way down :)

I believe that did apply to the forum when it was hosted by forumer.com,

but no longer. (I just now tried attaching a 1.41 MB image, no problem.)

In any event, with a free ImageShack account you can upload files up to

5 MB in size, then post the Direct Link URLs here on the forum.



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