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Original Custom Brushes Source?

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Whenever I try to open Custom Brushes Mini I keep getting this error:

"This plugin has encountered an error, and must be closed.

Because of the unpredictable nature of these types of errors, it is strongly recommended that you restart Paint.NET before proceeding. Otherwise, there could be further stability problems or data corruption." I restart but it's still there,

I found another thread with someone who had the same problem and someone said to make sure you have SBCommon.dll & CustomBrushesMini.dll.into the effects folder, I checked and they're both there.

Since I haven't used CBM for a while now I'm guessing it's probably because there's a new version out and mine's outdated, so does anyone know the original source for the Plugin? I wanna download the newest version, thank you. (:

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Lovaie: your question is better directed to the thread devoted to the plugin, which you can find : here.

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