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Meat Preferences


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Glad to know I'm not the only one who's wondered what unconventional meats taste like...Once I asked my boyfriend if he ever wondered what human tastes like and he gave me a weird look...lol...Probably wouldn't taste too good though because of all the chemicals we surround ourselves with...

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Sorry mate, very ignorant of me. Squirrel tastes a lot like chicken, except sweeter and not so tender. I wouldn't rush to have it again

On the subject of eating tyres ... buy a supercar, do doughnuts and that'll eat all the tyres you want :lol:

It's okay welsh :) I can't imagine the taste but it sounds interesting.

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I like how my dad makes steak...(I'm 11).It's nice and stiff, but not like burnt.But its a little soft, but not all like fat.You can cut right through it and the juices really come out.I'm making myself hungry....Well, i always have cheetos and soda on weekends :) God, i hope we have steak tonight...

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Meat is practically a religion here in Australia.

well, some people worship beef in India... :D

@Kemaru uggh...I love all of those, but I can't imagine myself eating them without my meat xD

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I used to have steaks well done but once I had tried them done medium that was it! Medium for me. It`s much more tender and far tastier.

Best steak I ever had was at a little restaurant called Georges in Cyprus. It was a peppered steak and was just delicious. Havn`t tasted a peppered steak like it anywhere else. Yummy.



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Ribs! Definitely without a doubt. A little BBQ and rub goes a long way!

If it was possible I would eat 100 pounds of ribs, rib-eye, and corn on the cob do not doubt that I would without hesitation!

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