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What Paint.NET is missing

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<Please Ignore the bold font, I'm having issues turning it off in the HTML editor, it seems to have stuck no matter what I do!>

Firstly I'm a big fan of Paint.NET, and use it on a daily basis.

For me, as a software developer that has to develop web applications/sites, Photo shop is the de-facto (bar Fireworks) standard.

In that sense I'm an oddball as I use Ulead PhotoImpact. To my mind, after using the following:

GIMP, Photoshop, Fireworks, Paint.NET

It seems only Fireworks comes close to PhotoImpact for me in terms of web design usability.

The reason is unlike, GIMP, Photoshop & Paint.NET, which treats things as images/bitmaps. PhotoImpact works on the concept of objects and vectors as well as images.

This sole reason makes it extremely useful for web design.

One Example would be text, in PhotoImpact, text is an object in a layer whose 100's of attributes can be changed easily, just select it and do what you need to.

In Gimp, Photoshop & Paint, this is not so. It becomes an "image" and moving, editing etc. is next to useless.

And this is THE fundamental thing that I would love to see in Paint.NET. Nothing is more frustrating than creating text OR any “object” (square, circle, line) etc and NOT having the ability to treat it as an editable object!

I know I could use things like Inscape that is a vector application. However it’s a purely vector application only.

I understand this is not how Paint.NET works under the hood, as it is probably a bitmap manipulation tool.

But in my eyes this would potentially change Paint.NET from being a usable tool to a serious pro tool for web design.

I would really like to hear others views and comments on this?

Kind Regards,


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Paint.NET, GIMP, and Photoshop are all raster graphics editors, but unlike Paint.NET, Photoshop has vector layers, and you can (export/)import paths (to/)from Illustrator. GIMP has vector layers as well I believe. If you want vector features I suggest you look at those programs, or use a separate vector image editor like you said.

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