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How do I make my picture look like this, with the layers?

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Convert a copy of your starting image to black-and-white.

Adjustments > Black and White

Apply Gaussian Blur to soften it.

Adjustments > Posterize

Linked setting of 4.

Fill different zones of gray with colors of your choice

using the Paintbucket tool.


Resize to 50%.

Image > Resize

Copy/paste into a new layer of an open file of the original picture.

Duplicate the pasted layer 3 times.

Press Esc, then use the Pan function of Layers > Rotate / Zoom

on 3 of the layers to position the smaller images in all 4 corners.

On 3 of the layers move the Hue slider to change the colors.

Adjustments > Hue / Saturation

Have the full-size normal picture as top layer.

Press F4 and move the Opacity slider to the left to make it transparent.

(As in ptuZ's suggestion.)


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