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How can I make a single color of a .png file transparent?

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Rule #23 applies. Regardless of how nicely the OP asked.

Considering the ease of Sarkut's advice and that the OP found the solution acceptable, it was unnecessary to do the work for them.

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I just wanted to take a moment to mention how insanely thankful i am for this post. I've been making my own custom tilesets for years with a white background. I am now using a program that doesnt detect the white as the background, it detects that transparent layer. I have almost a hundred tilesets that I would have had to delete pixel by pixel. Thankfully i ran across this post first.

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I'm not sure why this washed up in the Newbie Playground area of the Tutorials+ section, or why I didn't spot it it's misplacement before (too hurriedly pointing out other rules I suspect :D).

<Moved to GD&Q>

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