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Textured Wood

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


This tutorial will show how to make this:


*** This tutorial owes a lot to the tutorials of other people, and I'll post credit on the relevant steps ***

The first step is to make a wood texture. I've done it a bit differently, but all credit goes to

Drakaan for planting the seed in my head ...






Merge both layers together













The next step is to get the crumpled look. All credit for this goes to

SargonIII aka yellowman

Plug-Ins Needed:

Tile Image Dents Classic

Hidden Content:


On a new layer above your finished wood texture












This next part owes huge credit to

theonlychad who's concrete tutorial is ever present one way or another in most of my work

In the interests of keeping the tut here relatively short ... follow the steps as laid out by Chad in the above link

Then follow the steps below:

Hidden Content:








And You're Finished





And you're done.

A huge thanks to the tut writers I've named. Plus all the Plug-In writers and Developers who make it all possible.

Play around adding textures, playing with blend Modes.

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I hunted everywhere for it :roll:

All the plug-ins I've named are clickable ;)

it's under Distorts when you download it

Edited by welshblue

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Nice mate (nice sig too ... looks like a great tut you followed for them :lol: :lol: :lol:)

I'm thinking of taking out the last step of concrete layer if anyone has an opinion whether I should or not ...

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ipswichmanc, well done!

WElshy, I've saved it for later. Working on the spanner one. Maybe combine the two...thanks for writing the tute. You always do such a great job with them.

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@ ipswichmanc and ptuZ ... great textures guys. Both very believable

@ csm', Mayor.M',BarbieQ' and chrisco' ... thanks people, glad you enjoyed it.

@ Pyro' ... thanks. And for the pin

The real credit has to go to Drakaan, yellowman and Chad. I just played around with their hard work.

Talking of which, don't be afraid to change the starting colours and play with Effects>>>Colour>>>Colour Tint.

Glow in Effects>>>Photos gives some great wood tones too.

The following image (and subsequent others which most probably won't see the light of the internet) was (were?) made by adding 4 more layers of the textures in the tut'


Edited by welshblue

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Working my way through all the tutorials.I have a few ideas lined up for this one. Great out of the box tutorial.A bit of collaboration as well.COOL!

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Spent some time working through this tutorial, saw many posibilities for different stages as the wood texture developed. Someone said earlier .... curtains (drapes).

Well here is my attempt.... (click to enlarge)


Instead of Dents Classic I just used Dents and I have another distortion called Stretch that I used. I am not sure if Stretch is part of PDN or if it is a plug-in I picked up somewhere in the last 4 or so years.

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You've got some nice textures in there. That's nice.

As are the images by Heats' and Dug. Apologies guys for the non-acknowledgement of 2 nice translations of the tut'

In the absence of EdHarvey re-instating the link for Dents Classic I'm happy to host the .dll in an email attachment.

Unless this breaches any rules and/ or copyright ?

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I'd say just directly attach the Dents Classic .dll to the original tut/top level here. It is different and the stretch is what makes the difference for sure. Its not huge or anything. Heck the amount of text that gets added from people asking for/about it, etc will or has probably exceeded the size of that single file ...

I'd attach it to this post but it would be buried. Figure top level attachment is better. Still keep the link to the original but its not doing any good right now. Dead links aren't reported by anon-users of this forum ... IMO, they are the one's most likely to be the worse off for not having available resources to keep with PDN when this occurs.

Never know what someone's "first" impression is going to be with all this for what it's worth.

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For the fabric folds/creases there is an alternative way by using the native PDN Dents:

After the Tile Image step do these steps:

1-Dents to:





2-Perspective plugin with:




Vertical/Horizontal and Perspective/Trapezoid=Horizontal Perspective

And tick the box of "Linked Ratio 1 and Ratio 2(use the slider of ratio1)"

3-Repeat Perspective with same settings above.

Of course, you can change the Dents and Perspective settings as desired, but you need to check the box of linking Ratio1 &2 in the Perspective plugin..

If you don't like to use the Perspective plugin, then make a thin rectangular selection across the canvas on the desired part and stretch it up and down using Move Selected Pixels :MoveTool:

And here is the Perspective plugin by dpy

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