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Blending two pictures together?

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Hi all, first post so hello everyone!

As the title states really...

For example, if I want to make a sunsetting behind a mountain using a picture of a mountain and a picture of a sun how would I blend part of the sun behind the mountain?

Thanks for reading and for any replies.

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I think this would be the easiest way to do it:

Use the method which I explain here for selecting the sky.

Cut the selected area from this layer

then create a new layer with :AddNewLayer:, and move it down(:MoveLayerDown:) below the 'mountains' layer.

paste the sky in this layer. (dont forget to deselect after pasting {ctrl + D}).

now, go to layers > import from file, and import the sun picture.

Move this layer between the mountains layer and the sky layer (if it already isnt).

I dont know if you want the sky part of the sun layer too or not, but if you only want the sun, then you can cut out the sun and move it where ever you want it. here is a tutorial on how to cut out an image.

hope this helps. and welcome to the forums!

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