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the new feature of having more than one image open is cool, however i have found no way to have more than one image open at a time, next to each other,which i need to do. in pnet 2.72 i did this by opening loads of exe's then making them small and putting next to each other. is their a way to do this properly on v3 yet?

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Now that PDN is acting like an MDI app (sorta-kinda), can the Ctrl+F4 accelerator be added as an alias for Ctrl+W ("Close Window")?

This accelerator is standard both in traditional MDI applications and tabbed applications like Visual Studio and the latest browsers (IE7, Firefox, etc)

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Nope, Ctrl+F4

* Alt+F4 closes the active window

* Ctrl+F4 closes the active child-window or tab within the active window


* Opening up multiple workbooks in Excel, select Window : Arrange, Tiled, OK. Notice that you have two MDI windows now. Hit Ctrl+F4 to close the active one.

* Open two images in PhotoShop. Hit Ctrl+F4 to close the active one.

* Turn on tabbed browsing in IE7 or Firefox. Open two tabs. Hit Ctrl+F4 to close the active tab

* Open multiple documents in Visual Studio or FrontPage. Hit Ctrl+F4 to close the active document.

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A work around I have found is to right click on the other picture and choose Open With > Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

Although there have been very few times I have needed to do that its usually when I need to look at the original and make sure my blendings look believeable or to see how much the color actually changed.

But Windows Image Viewer is low profile enough that you can open it real quick and drag it over Paint.NET to compare. Plus it will auto-size for you (unlike MS Paint).

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