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Paint.Net installer (2.72 or 3.00) keeps crashing


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For some time now I've been trying to install Paint.NET (tried both 2.72 and 3.00) but the installer keeps crashing. My system is Windows XP Pro SP2 with Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. So far on this system, Paint.NET is the only software with this kind of problem.

What happens is this: I start the downloaded installer EXE. Once running, after the options screen, with the installation progress bar about 9/10 near completion, an error screen jumps up with the following text:

"The older version of Paint.NET v3.0 cannot be removed.

Contact your technical support group." (When trying to install 2.72, it says "The older version of Paint.NET v2.72...." etc.: it always seems to see an older version of itself)

After this message, the installation procedure breaks off with a second error window, which says:

"There was an error while installing Paint.NET. (1603)

Fatal error during installation."

Of course I thoroughly checked my system for those "older versions of Paint.NET", both by searching, and by running the MS Windows Installer Clean Up utility. The point is, there simply is *no* older installed version of Paint.NET, nowhere on my hard disk. So why does the Paint.NET installer, with every try, keep stumbling over some hypothetical older version that in reality simply doesn't exist?

If someone can help me to clear up this weird mystery and at last properly install Paint.NET, thanks a lot!


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Just to know, did you see this message?

http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewt ... =4409#4409

As shown in the windows installer cleanup utility list ,the first and the second item is "(all user)no name" ,this is matched the paint.net.

I have installed (twice)paint.net 2.5 and 2.6,so there are two items in the windows installer cleanup utility list.

as for these items is "noname" , the reason is you delete their informations in REGEDIT.so windows installer cleanup utility cannt find this name:"paint.net".

how to fix:

select "(all user)no name" and click "Remove" to delete all this noname items.

then rerun the Paint.net setup.

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