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Hi, I would like to use Paint.NET for pixel art instead of mspaint, and so far it seems it has everything I need plus more accessibility, all except for an option to view the image at 100% zoom while zooming in a image to edit it pixel by pixel, a feature that was called "Thumbnail view" in mspaint. So I was wondering if paint.net has this option at all, or maybe a plugin or workaround. I searched for other threads concerning this issue and though I found one, the apparent response to this issue was inside links to another now inaccessible forum, so I would appreciate any help on this issue. Thanks.

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You actually have several views available:

  1. The layers window presents you with a small image of each of the layers.
  2. The image list presents you with a slightly larger version of the entire image.
  3. Finally, the dropdown box in the status bar lets you quickly select a number of preset zoom sizes (100% is right in the middle).

Your best bet is to get to know the image size dropdown box in the status bar. Some shortcuts might make things easier:

CTRL B = zoom to window

CTRL SHIFT B = zoom selection to window

CTRL SHIFT A = zoom to actual size

CTRL + = zoom in

CTRL - = zoom out

For more help on these press F1 in PDN to get to the (brand new) helpfile, or just click here: http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ViewMenu.html

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Thanks for the reply, but I think I didn't explain what I was looking for properly. I understand that you get a thumbnail sized image on the image list and layers window, but none are 100% zoom (actual size) What I was looking for was so that you could zoom lets say 800% on the main editing window (pixels would be very big then) while you would have simultaneosly open another small window that would show the image at 100% zoom on top of the main editing window. That way when you edit small graphics like say 32x32 pixels, you can work at a high zoom for added precision, etc. while you can see simultaneosly how the final image (at 100% zoom) will finally look like.

This is a much needed feature if someone is going to do small resolution pixel art (like a game's sprite) and with mspaint you had this opening the thumbnail view. It would be quite cumbersome to zoom in and out all the time, since you do from dozens to hundreds small pixel modification to this kind of images and you need to know how is it going to look at actual size (colours and pixels blend differently when looked from afar).

Still I'm afraid from what I read and found on the internet that there is no such feature implemented yet in paint.net, but I was hoping that even if there wasn't, that it could be added (maybe even with a plugin?) since after all it doesn't seem like something too hard or advanced, and I think this would rise the usefulness of the program for a lot for others like me who want a pixel art editor, since I have found other people who had the same problem choosing applications (looking for a simple editor that had this feature) that saddly had to revert to mspaint (even on macs!).

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I understand that this suggestion is not what you really want,

but I'll offer it for whatever it may be worth.

Probably the least cumbersome way to switch between

the high working zoom and 100% zoom thumbnail, is this:

Have your small work area in the middle of an oversize canvas, and keep the work region selected.

You can toggle between the two views by alternating:

Ctrl + Shift + A

Ctrl + Shift + B

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There are two plugins for dealing with sprites:

Animation Helper

Spritesheet Animation

Not having used these I'm not sure if they will offer the thumbnail view you're looking for.

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