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I cannot install/update PDN

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I had a virus a couple of months ago on my computer, and it was recently that i got my computer fixed, and I downloaded this program called malwarebytes anti-malaware and it helped a tons! However, its now blocking my ability to update PDN.

I mean pdn vs. 3.5.5 already works for me, but when I click the update button it gives me this funny message:


and when I do try to click options so that it can also check for preleases and what not... nothing happens.

My attempt is to uninstall my current pdn and install the pre release beta one... but I don't know the link to the software and wether it'll work.

MY OS is Windows Vista 64-bit

My virus protectors are AVG (8.5) MAlawere bites (1.46) My firewall's up too.

I don't know if it'll help any.

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Regarding MalwareBytes, if you have the free version, then it has no real-time protection, so I can't see how it can interrupt Paint.NET at all. Can you see if there's a way to find out what exactly MalwareBytes did to get rid of the malware/spyware/etc. as that might help a bit more?

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