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How to drop shadow but inward?

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I have this image sample that i would like to recreate. I want to recreate the inner dark border only. It looks like a drop shadow but going in. It seems like the first thing they did was to make it a gradient. Its the inner edges im curious on how to do?



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Try BoltBait's Bevel Selection. It's part of his Selection Tools plugin. I think this might recreate the effect you're looking for.

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I couldn't see what that was supposed to be, so I ran levels on it in case anyone else has the same problems. It's the same thing but exaggerated.


Actually, you can do that with drop shadow.

1. Draw your gradient (linear gradient from bottom to top or however you like)

2. Add new layer

3. Fill new layer with white

4. Select portion where you want the gradient to show through and delete

5. Run Drop Shadow at 0 offset x and 0 offset y. Play with the widening and blur (maybe 3 Widening and 5 blur)

6. Click OK and you're done!

EDIT: I lied. Flatten image before giving yourself a high five :P

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