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Updates Dialog Box Truncates Text


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On my laptop with a widescreen (1680x1050) with Paint .NET maximized, the text in the update dialog is truncated in the following way:

A newer version of Paint .NET is available. You may click the Install button to download it and install it, or you may click Close to be reminded in several

I am running Paint .NET 2.72.

By the way, I got the dialog after enabling beta builds but it would probably look like this no matter what type of update it was. :)

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Yes, when I said "Large Fonts mode" that is exactly what I was referring to: 120 DPI.

Being able to change the DPI of the system causes me more headaches than you can imagine.

All of the software that I develop for Intel is localized into 5-15 languages. And, many foreign languages default to 120 DPI mode.

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I'll answer the posts from oldest to newest:

I'd upload a screenshot but if it's won't-fix, there's not much point...

Good guess, Rick. I'm using 120 dpi. I tried switching back to 96 dpi (Normal size) and things get too microscopic for me. :(

And BoltBait, don't be that cruel to the inventor of Large Fonts mode. It really makes things much easier to see. :)

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