JulioCoolio's Gallery - Lightsaber - 1/15/2020

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Welcome to my Gallery!!


Update: Lightsaber


I don't think I shared this image on the forums, but I did some simple effects on these images and wanted to share with you all. This is about 5% Paint.NET, but hopefully you enjoy. I used the method to get all of the photo effects here.








From the last update: Desolation









Recent Images:


Sandstone Patterns



O Christmas Tree






Death's Flower



Embedded Sunshine



Desert Landscape



Desert Home



Desert Home Remake



Agate’s Heart






Smelling Roses



Murky Swamps



Labradorite Core



Horizon Lights


Winter Images


Winter Dreams



Winter's Approach



Hidden content tabs weren't working, and to make this gallery not as long, I decided to delete most of the older works that were here. If you'd like to see more of my older works, they are located on my blog under the Pictures page. They should be in order from most oldest on top to most recent on the bottom.


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New Images: Lightsabers
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they were more like suggestions than assignments ;) , but they look great! are you going to post the one we did together?

I did have a front view, but Heat Stroke told me to change the point of view.

im sorry if you felt forced to change it, i didnt mean to be forceful. :(

i like your updated glass ball on your blog! much better, keep it up!

BTW: sent you directions on how to fix the hide/show bbcode.

Edited by Heat Stroke

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A brilliant start to your gallery! Fire Jolt is fantastic! I am pleased you made your own gallery.

Your works are great. I love the second jewel. Well done.

When you put thumbnails up such as this one [ URL=http://s582.photobucket.com/albums/ss265/barbieq25/Abstract/?action=view&current=TartanStone.png]th_TartanStone.png[/url ]

take out the ?action=view&current=. That way it will take you straight to the image & saves download.

You're a fast learner.

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nice space scape! I can tell you didnt blur the nebulous overlay layer though, that would help reduce the 'roughness' in the stars. Great work! I think I found a solution to the problem of the sharpness of the stars too, I send you the update...

Edited by Heat Stroke

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