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JulioCoolio's Gallery - Fire's Awakening - 9/16/2020

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I like The Rush. It got my vote. Very nice colours & I love the softness of the tentacle looking bits coming down from the circle. It makes me think of a jelly fish. I like jelly fish to look at. They are so bizarre. Well done on the placing too!

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@ chrisco, I just used a lot of dents, radial blur delux, polar inversion, and zoom blur delux. I also did one effect, duplicated the layer, did other effects othe the duplicate, then duplicated the duplicate over and over again so that everything blends in together a bit more!

@barbieq, I'm very glad you liked it!! I never really saw it as a jellyfish, but now that you mention it, it does look kind of like one!!!

Thanks for the comments guys!! I hope to have more art for you soon!

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  • JulioCoolio changed the title to JulioCoolio's Gallery - Fire's Awakening - 9/16/2020

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