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Stone85's Gallery - New Abstract Sig


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Stone, that is sad, really sad. I know what it was like when mine died. I was so lucky to be able to use hubby's. Not the same though...got mine back.

I hope you can salvage all of your works. They are just too good to lose.

Hope to see you back one here pronto!


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That's horrible. My computer just survived a virus attack. Thankfully, I was able to reload everything to my computer using recovery discs. I hope everything will work out. And also, I suggest you getting a passport (USB drive) because it has lots of space to save your files. Hope it will be fixed soon. *hugs*

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I hope all works out with saving your stuff and your laptop.

As for your sigs, awesome work!!!! The Spiderman sig looks amazing and I like the blue Venom sig a bit more than the purple one just because I think it looks a bit softer.

Thanks JC! As for the laptop, it isn't looking so good so when I get a new laptop expect a completely different style lol. I'll probably lose all my pdns and textures and nebulas and stufff.

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I really hope things work out and you get your laptop fixed or get a new one.

here is a link to the Dell outlet site. I've bought several refurbished or scratch and dent computers there for my office and they are like new.


I've not bought any from here, but the price certainly looks good. We are looking into getting some through here for our office. I'll let you know if we do. I used to have a Latitude laptop and loved it.


Good luck and I hope things work out !


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Your not that rusty. You just need to get back in your groove. You still have your touch. Remember, you can always come to me if you need any help. :)


I love the newer works. Especially the second one where the sig is mainly black but the focal stands out so much. Really nice work!

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