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Composite Star Photos

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Hello all. I am very new to paint.net and am looking foreward to using it often.

I am lookig with help in understanding making composite pictures in paint.net. Lets say that I have 300 pictures of the same night sky. Each picture is a 10 second exposure. The exposures were taken one after another on a nice stary night.

Using paint.net, what is the best way to take all 300 pictures and combine them into one composite picture showing the night sky (actually, it should be a nice star trail picture).

Thanks in advance.

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You're in for a long night if you want to stack 300 images in Paint.Net. There are a number of free astronomy oriented programs that will stack images for you in exactly the way you want.

This thread has a link: http://forums.getpai...post__p__329915

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My pleasure. Welcome to the forum.

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