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System Restore on Installation

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I don't wish to argue, but I like being asked first (as most installers do.[citation needed])

Most installers that I'm aware of, especially ones using Windows Installer, create a restore point without telling the user. Go on, check your restore points and see. I've never seen one that gave it as an option.

It would be a terrible idea to include options in the installer that Paint.NET's target audience neither understands nor cares about. System Restore definitely falls under that category.


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Huh? I've never seen another installer ask first. If you don't want system restore at installation time, you should disable system restore.

A restore point would be made regardless of whether Paint.NET put up the "Creating system restore point ..." message. When Paint.NET installs an update, it actually does an uninstall followed by an install. Normally this would cause two restore points to be created due to the way Windows Installer works. I bracket both of these operations so only 1 is done.

So, you see, whether the restore point is made isn't up to Paint.NET. But at least I'm doing you the courtsey of telling you about it, and saving 1/2 your time by only letting Windows Installer create 1 restore point.

This has already been discussed here on the forum before. I won't be changing this behavior.

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No, I've never seen one ask either. But most installers run a LOT quicker than yours does ... and for nearly all that time the only thing it's doing is apparently "creating a restore point" ... I think it's possible you're doing the wrong type of restore point? You are telling windows it's an Application restore point and not a Driver restore point, right?

btw, love the program - thanks :-)

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