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Advancedish Planet (Image Heavy)


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I could not make it at all, the continents wouldn't take color. It stayed the bland white no matter what I did. =/ Thanks for the tut though. :)


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I really liked this tut. I had some trouble at the outset using the Magic Wand until I made an extra white land layer to go back to. I should have had more land to start with. I'll try the outline plugin again and see if I can get it to work with the Magic Wand. I still like the results and enjoyed the mental exercise.

th_planetversion1.png Thanks for this tut.

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I made this

I made the Clouds in Shape 3D in a new layer and added it to the planet. It made it look kinda more realistic, with the clouds not "glued" with the planet. But I should have made the atmosphere first and and than add the clouds. Plus I made a little decoration with the Moon boltbait.big_smile.png it didn't came exactly as I wanted but it still looks pretty good.


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This is a great tutorial, I made this using your tutorial, combined with and


The moon, I made myself.

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:) If you get to level 5, it helps me too!
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