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Haiku game thread!

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Hi. This game is simple.

Person A posts a haiku*:

line 1

line 2

line 3

The next person, B, posts their own haiku using line 3 as their first line. Simple, isn't it?

This goes on and on and on...

* Haiku are short Japanese poems using three lines, with a total of 17 syllables(5-7-5). There are actually more accurate rules to haiku poetry, but for simplicity's sake we'll go with these basic guidelines.

This is a huge boost to your creativity.

I'll start:

Gold-coloured leaves

falling down in unison

not reaching ground

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Not reaching the ground.

Midgets are always tiny

They can do nothing

(The last line is meant to mean that they can't do anything about their size, not that they can't do nothing.)

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