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Pixel Competition #6 - "Airborne" - Results!


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Voting is on! Results!

Well, it's taken a LOOOONG time, but we're ready! To usher in the new year for the parts of the forum lie my own that don't have it yet, we're going to have a little party... no, not a New Year's party, a party in celebration of Leonte's victory! Yes, with three votes, Leonte has won PXLCOMP6. In second place is Kemaru, with a single vote, and, sadly, no-one else got a vote. So, I'll be speaking to Leonte soon to ask for a theme, and then we'll get cracking! Happy new year, everyone!

To vote, either;

- If you want to vote publicly, post here.

- If you want to vote privately, PM me.

Voting ends on the 16th of November.

Deadline: 9th of November, 2010 See above.

Welcome back to the Pixel Competition, as hosted by me and as sponsored by all those cute little pixels on the site. The theme this time is "Airborne". By this, Mayor_McSteeve, the winner of the previous competition, means anything that can fly, e.g., birds, planes, Superman, et cetera.


- Entries made before the contest are not allowed.

- Only one entry per person.

- Layers are allowed.

- Partial and full transparency is allowed (I used to frown on this, however I have since been persuaded)

- Any inspiration and stock (not that you're likely to be using stock images) must be linked to or otherwise given credit.

- MS Paint may NOT be used, I'm afraid. I know you could in competition #1, but you can't this time.

- No cheating! Naturally.

- You must, of course, adhere to the theme. Entries may be disqualified if enough people cannot see the relevance to the theme.

With that, I don't believe there is any further need for discussion, however if there is anything you wish to say, please move it to the discussion thread. It can be found here.

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Here it is!


Total working time: 8+ hours

I used a gradient on the background, then used Posterize on it. The ship is 100% Pencil and Line tool though.

EDIT: Oh, and I was inspired by Final Fantasy airships.

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Just because I'm a pixel art gradient-and-shading-with-two-colors fan (but a really bad gradient creator myself...), vote goes to Leonte.

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