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B&W To Color

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Ok, im to lazy to add pictures but i did this with my most recent Stormtrooper sig. Take your black and white stock and duplicate it twice.

First duplicate go to gradient mapping and right-click the red slider to change it to a purple and lower the opacity to around 75.

Repeat the Gradient mapping on the 2nd duplicate and set the color to orange with and opacity around 65.

Set the top bledning mode to Additive, this will produce a orangish tint effect that looks very clean.

Hope this helps! (Please post if this works for you!)

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Bumping after only three hours? You've gotta be kidding me!

Please read Rule #25

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Quick question, which gradiant is this? As in Hot, High Contrast, Rainbow, etc.

Sorry, I'm a g-map n00b.

Love the Stormtrooper sig!

Well, coming from someone that doesn't have to must up to date PDN, mine looks like this. Adjustments -> Gradient Mapping.

Leave all settings the same except the colors etc.

I wish i could explain better haha.

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