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Grid (pixel work Hard to explain)

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Ok so i am on the hunt for a way to make a nice GRID (Like graph paper) That will still allow me to use the normal tools to draw circles treating each space as a pixel.

Its frustrating am am trying to design a huge 3d building for minecraft (up and coming java based survival game whole world is made of cubes.)

so my plan is to have some way of having like graph paper on my screen but still having some paint type features to draw circles and stuff like that. then i can draw my 3 or so views of the project and be super happy.

I'm not sure if its could be a plugin or some handy settings i could use. just wondering if my favorite image editing program is upto the job.

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GAr ill have a look around for it so far that grid plugin is not working 2 well for what i need

I need the plans for a circle thats 135 pixels in diameter and well every size below it down to 45 so lots of sizes and lots of cubes making the plans for this project could take me months at this rate :o iv managed to draw the 135 with out the grid using the circle tool so im zoomed in at like 2000% just so see what im doing to draw it zooming in like that just wont work for tracing it into the game.

if only there was a way to do this faster :0 iv found buy shifting the selection of the space ur working on pixel by pixel comes in handy for changing sizes

What i have made so far


And i will be bragging and showing off for sure i was thinking i may take still shots at every layer and animate it into a .Gif but thats looking at like 200 frames and 1 big .gif so idk


That pixel grid may just work if i make all of the circles on a new layer and just open PDN to work on my project i will have all the zoom power with no blur and a easy way to count blocks :P now just to make the 100 + circles :( sadly there is no fast way to do this with out a whole bloody potato ton of math.

If the minecraft community is lucky i will share my image.

EDIT (AGAIN) what would be really handy right now is a second selection Or is there a way i can subtract from what i have hmm idea i think i can do this way faster than i planned WIN IDEA !!!!

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Would it work to use Outline Selection on a circular selection?

(Ellipse Selection used with Shift key down)

Thats kind of what i did

i basically made the selection and colored in around its edge moved it smaller 1 pixel each way and repeated the problem being there is only a selection boundary on 1 side of where i am drawing so i have to be careful not to screw up the rest of it (aka out with the pencil)

What i just tried to do was to change the selection mode to subtract and subtract the inside from the selection but if failed cause its hard to get right and you cant edit it on its own only the selection as a whole. bummer if it had of worked out like i i was thinking i could of just moved the 2 circles and grabbed a nice big brush clicked once and moved on but no that would be 2 easy :(

I did not use the shift key because then i have problems placing it instead i just counted pixels silly me.

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Ok sweet ill go look it up

Also is would seem my counting system was far inferior of holding shift there is a large difference between the 2 back to the start for me o well i hope now i can knock this over in an hour or so any ways i need sleep its 1:42 am so that would explain why my spell check is getting a good work out :(

EDIT maybe im just realy stupid or tiard but i cant see how that plugin helps 1 bit

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