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Glow effect to make portretts (Question)

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Hi! I'm not English, so I hope you understand my question even if it has a lot of wrong grammar. When I have a picture of someone, I want to make an effect round the person I made a picture of, without the background. I want to know how to do it.

I don't want to use any green screen or anything, and possibly a how-to but to images with a natural background together so it looks like they are beside each other, here are some examples of what I need help to.

1) This picture is not mine, but they have got a background to it that wasn't there from before, without using green screen.

2i0562x.jpg only with softer edges.

2) Next one didn't I find a picture for, but I mean, that. For example if I wanted myself in a picture where its to off me, and the background looks naturally fitted into eachother, I mean that i puts to images next to eachother without a visible line in the middle who sepparets the images.

If you didn't understand then just forget it, I only want help with the first one more than this one.

Please take in mind that the picture over its not mine. Its just something I found on google.

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There is a Light Rays plugin to make an effect like the background in your example picture.


Or you can use other means to get a glow effect like this.


If you want to make a picture with two of you,

use the tutorial at the link that welshblue gave

you to cut out one image of yourself.

Save as PNG.

Then, open another picture of you,

and import the cut out picture.

Layers > Import From File

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I now how to make the rays, but the tutorial that welshblu gave me was easy to understand but it's hard to draw that good around something that doesn't have lines that are straight (Sorry if you didn't understnad, still learning English >.<)

And if i want to soften the lines around the person I have cutten out, how do I do that?

Welcome to the forum :)

You are from Norway? I can explain it to you in Norwegian if you didn't like/understand welshblue's way.

Yes, I'm from Norway.

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