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Halloween Pumpkin

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it

Halloween Pumpkin

How to make a Halloween Pumpkin


flag.gifHow to make a Halloween Pumpkin using in Russian

Effects needed:

Feather Selection

Bevel Selection


Drop Shadow

Part #1 Pumpkin


Create a new image (400x400)

Fill the background with black

Add a new layer

Color #AD1801

Draw an ellipse


1.2. Duplicate red ellipse layer

Color #FCCD41

Recolor ellipse with paint bucket tool

Linear gradient transparent mode from bottom to the top of the yellow ellipse

Select the yellow ellipse

Apply plugin Feather Selection, radius 10


1.3. Add a new layer above

Color #AD1801

Draw an ellipse. Line width 10


1.4. Gaussian blur effect with radius 30


1.5. Add a new layer above

Color #AD1801

Draw an ellipse. Line width 2


1.6. Gaussian blur effect with radius 5

Merge layer down


1.7. Duplicate layer with blurred ellipses

Squeeze the ellipse

Merge all layers except the background layer.


Part #2 Jack-o'-lantern

2.1. Add a new layer above

Color - black

Draw a line in the form of future smiles


2.2. Using line/curve tool (style “Filled arrow”) position the triangles along a smiles line.


2.3. You can also use the triangles and ellipse, to draw the eye.


2.4. You can use the effect – noise - Median, to make a form of the eye smooth

To make the second eye, duplicate layer and flip it horizontal

Merge all layers with smile and eyes (except the pumpkin and background layers).


2.5. Use the Magic wand tool

Select the smile and the eyes

Go to the pumpkin level and delete the selected area


2.6. You can delete the smile and eyes layer or make it invisible. We no longer need it

Select all the empty space around the pumpkin

Invert selection

Add a new layer above the pumpkin layer

Apply plugin Bevel Selection to the selected area on a new layer.


2.7. Move the layer below the layer with pumpkin

Select the pumpkin ellipse form

Apply Trail plugin to the selected area on a layer with bevel selection.


2.8. Merge two layers (the layer with pumpkin and the layer with bevel selection).

Add a new layer below

Color #FFD800

Paint the smile and eyes with Paintbrush tool


2.9. Apply Drop Shadow plugin to the pumpkin layer.


That's all. Here's the resulting image. wink.gif


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I don't understand what to do on step 2.7 please help. I cant seem to figure it out.

Nevermind I got it:) I beveled the wrong selection. Nice tut. Here's my result.


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Very good tutorial, thank you xmario.


I really like your method of using trail on the bevel layer. It's a nice trick I have not seen it before. I have been using a 1 px outline (or drop shadow) to achieve similar results but your way looks much better. Now I know better  :D

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