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You Laugh, You Lose

B00k W0rm

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Sorry. I don't know how to quote either. I'd love it if someone could tell me. It would be terribly useful.:D

BTW, coding's EASY.

Ummm, asking how to quote? Pyro'll laugh his head off at you for that... you kinda just quoted me. And then asked how.

My picture (not from failblog) is BACON DELIVERY VAN!!!


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Well, props to that guy ^ for catching the ball... though I would hope he didn't have his eye on it...

And I don't know where you're going with that joke... 30th is my band's gig, that's what I'm looking forward to.

I'll tell you at school. How could you forget? Oh, that's right. Because it's starting to look like I'll win it.


I changed my signature. HAPPY??!

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