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You Laugh, You Lose

B00k W0rm

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I thought, as my first post to this forum, I'd start a 'You Laugh, You Lose' thread.Search showed an absence of one.


One image per post, and no double posting.

NO rude stuff. (You know what I mean)

Levels of difficulty:

Easy: You laugh, you're gone.

Hard: If you smile, you lose and may not post again.

Nightmare: If your face shows any emotion at all, you die.



I changed my signature. HAPPY??!

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I cannot look at those pictures and not think of the 'Spray and Walk Away' ad.

I lost. But B00k W0rm (or mace-face, whichever), I've seen them. A lot.

I wonder ever-so-much what you are talking about. By the way, I do not believe it appropriate to post nick-names on the internet, on account of identity theft and what-not.




I changed my signature. HAPPY??!

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Reading this thread...i'm so close to losing, this is unfair ;)

Sorry it's a bit big...haven't figured all this stuff out yet



"It's funny that pirates were always going around searching for treasure, and they never realized that the real treasure was the fond memories they were creating." - Jack Handey



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