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Possum Roadkill

Photo Manip #1 Poll is up ! Vote for 3

Photomanip Comp # 1 Vote for 3  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Which image is the best? Choose 3

    • Sarkut [thumb][/thumb]
    • Barbieq25 [thumb][/thumb]
    • j.d. melek [thumb][/thumb]
    • Possum Roadkill [thumb][/thumb]
    • Welshblue [thumb][/thumb]
    • Pdnnoob [thumb][/thumb]

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Photo Manipulation # 1

THEME IS: Impossible Animals.

Poll is up. Choose the best 3 !

Poll ends Wednesday evening 7:00 p.m. EDST. Winners will be announced in the Discussion Thread.

SAC Comp Rules:

All submissions must be created in with the exception of stock photos, which are required for this competition.

You must post a link to any stock images or parts of images you did not create in

Minimum size is 800 X 600. There is no Maximum Size.

Special Rule #5. Do not anger the Possum.

Submission Rules

All images must be POSTED IN THE ENTRY THREAD!

DO NOT PM ME WITH YOUR ENTRY! Post your entry and the stocks you use. (Come on, you remember how right?)


You may post your image on any other website where you are a member

(i.e. Deviant Art, PdN Fans Forum, Facebook or any other forum or website

NO PLACEHOLDERS! Do not send an entry until it is a finished product. NO WIPS (works in progress) !

No images previously submitted will be allowed.

I reserve the right to add to the rules as people do things to annoy me. (See special rule # 5.)

THEME IS: Impossible Animals.

Theme rules: You are to make an image depicting an animal that does not exist in nature

by combining images of animals that do exist in nature

or inanimate objects that we find in everyday life.

Yes, that does include humans.

An example might be a Crocaroo, a combination of a crocodile and kangaroo.

You could create a 4 Door Pachyderm, a combination of an African Elephant and a Subaru.

(Don’t even think about using an Indian Elephant because everyone knows they only come in a 2 door coupe).

Or how about that rare and elusive creature, the Possumpottumus?

Do I even need to explain that one? :roll:

Why? Because I think we can do this and it might be a lot of fun.

The point is have fun and do something crazy*.

For inspiration you can take a look HERE and HERE and HERE

YOU MUST USE STOCK IMAGES ! Dagnabit you bunch of whippersnappers!

You may NOT, use another program to create parts of your image

i.e. Apophysis, Gimp, Incendia, Photoshop, etc.

The entirety of your image must be made in The only exception is the stock images you use.

(Remember, Possum’s have a sixth sense about things like this, do don’t make me hunt you down.

So with that in mind, special rule #5 is in effect for this competition ).

This thread is for entries only ! If you want to discuss this comp, please go to the discussion thread HERE

The Entry period for this competition run through Saturday evening (October 2nd, 2010) at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Daylight Savings Time. All ENTRIES submitted up to that time will be accepted

* Disclaimer- By crazy, I mean funny, not psychotic (like me).

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Not looking for any votes for this, all credit goes to barbieQ' for planting the seed in this thread ... ... after I gave up on my initial idea. (Plus it's a very poor attempt compared to everyone else)

I'm just entering to swell the numbers, and for a bit of pride (geddit ... pride ... )



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Poll is up. Choose the best 3 !

Poll ends Wednesday evening 7:00 p.m. EDST. Winners will be announced in the Discussion Thread.

Just so everyone has a chance to get ready for the next round I wanted to take a minute to give you all the theme. The next Photo Manip theme will be "Landscapes". You can modify a regular landscape (useful but boring) or you can create a fictional landscape (creative and humorous) for your entry. Same rules apply as in the current round, so take a moment to refresh your memory if you are not one of the current participants. The next round will start either Wednesday evening or on Thursday (depending on how busy I am at work). Good luck !

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