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This isn't really the forum for asking a question like that. It depends on the background... you should make it as small as possible so it doesn't load slowly, but still make it look nice.

Oops sorry! I just figured since I was using this program to create the background. Thanks for the help anyways.


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It all depends on what type of background you're making - repeating, static, centered, et cetera. It also depends on how wide the site itself is - if the main body of your site is 900px, and you want a mild shadow effect repeating vertically, the image could be as small as 920px by 1px. If I'm dressing a site with a full decorative backdrop, I tend to go 1600px wide, fading it out at the ends into a solid color, which then repeats for people with large monitors who also browse full-screen style.

Generally, the metric you want to control most with background images is file size, not dimensions. The dimensions of the image should be whatever the dimensions the site design require, but I'd say 100KB is about as high as I would go for a non-content image - I usually try to keep it under 50KB myself. If the background image you need is a large one, play with the quality to get the file size to reasonable levels.

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